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Love, by definition is an intense feeling of deep affection. This definition gives little and a very vague meaning to what love really is. Love is an action word. Love can save a life. Love is kind and has a conscious. We tend to say the word a lot without putting action behind it. Love pays attention to the simplest of things and also the most detail of things. Make sure we express love daily to those we truly want to know that we do love them. Some doesn’t know what love is and some hurt those they claim to love and do not love at all. Check on those that lack love and need it more during times of loneliness, depression, and grief. Those that are strong need the most love. So many tend to hide behind our smiles and cry in our pillows at night when no one is watching. Everyone is going through something. Some more than others. Put love into action to save someone’s life today.

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