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Black Athletes and their Unwarranted Power

What is a black athlete? Look around. They are everywhere and excelling at almost every sport. Black athletes are one of the most powerful humans in the world. Yes, the world. But the black community still suffers from economic fragilities as we did in the 50’s. Here is what I see:

Owner of sports team: Give him all the money they want. All they are going to do with it is give it back to us by buying jewelry, expensive cars and junk. They are not going to invest it back in their communities so go ahead, give him some money.

They start recruiting these very same black athletes from “the hood” and they eventually advance to the pros. (Not many) Sports is built off the blood, sweat, and years off of these black athletes. Hmm… Kind of like this country was. I digress. To be one of the most powerful humans and still the lowest in economical success. What happened? It is known that a lot of black boys are not reading. No one cares, they just want to make their money for college and if the athlete graduates, goes pro, or homeless, the school can care less. They come in your “hood” and close these very schools that housed these great athletes and take these same students for profit in high school. Our communities are suffering, grade schools, neighborhoods, HBCUs, and our children are making the others billions of dollars while our grandmother house and community falls to the ground. So… What is a black athlete? Anything they want them to be. As long as they are quiet and making them money. Slavery at its finest.

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