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Fear of the Black Man

Look at him. His skin is dark like the night. His melanin tones are forced to represent to the general public darkness, ugliness, death, and most importantly, fear. What do I see. I see tenacity, beauty, sex appeal, protection, and most importantly, strength.

The media has “programmed” ALL of us for years to be in fear of this image. The words that are used when describing the black man are perfectly arranged to criminalize these men. When crimes are committed, they are thugs, savages, beasts, etc. when a white man commits an even a more heinous crime, the media finds their college transcripts. We all know that the white man has been the most violent human on Earth since the beginning of time. Even today committing the worst crimes in the world whether white collar crimes or cold blooded terrorism. We STILL do not fear the white man as we should. Why? Because the media has told us not to over and over and over again. Even I have locked my doors when a black man of a certain look has approached me. We must do better and embrace our black men with love. They are not animals. They are not savages, and they are not beast. They are human. We must learn to stop allowing “programs” to influence our brains into believing what they want us to believe which we should ALL be in fear of the white man. Encourage our black men. Love our black men and support our black men.

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