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Hey rapper, your ancestors would be pissed.

Dear rapper who raps about money, “hoes”, cars, and “syzzurp”, I hate you. Well… I dislike you a whole lot. I hate what you stand for and more importantly, I hate what our youth picks up from the non recognizable lyrics you put into the universe. Some of you have the common sense of a rock and continue to display self hate and competition amongst each other instead of promoting self worth and dropping knowledge. The white man generally owns the labels and will more than likely only sign you if degrade your own as well as talk about killing each other. Here is an example. Where is Common, Nas, etc? Why aren’t they at the top of the charts? Because “they” won’t promote their music because it educates. J. Cole is our closest mentor when it comes to rap music. Did he come close to winning any awards this year? We have a few more in there that speaks of black history but only a handful. Hmm… Notice how these modern day rappers. Hold up. Let me call them something besides rappers. These modern day dream killers always talk about killing each other, getting their money up, etc and it’s played on the radio 24/7 causing destruction to our youth. The radio and TV stations are called “programs” for a reason. Let one of you dream killers talk about killing a white man. “They” will shut you down quicker than you can blink. Hell you may even end up in jail so they can make a cheap laborer (modern day slavery) out of you. Moral of this story… Parents, take the earplugs from your youth and place a book in their hands. If you don’t, PLEASE educate your babies and let them know that these dream killers do NOT live this fast money and ganster life style they claim they live. Most of their money is borrowed from the record label. Wake your sleeping babies up! These children are all walking around like zombies. It’s up to an adult to change that.

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