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Like flowers, women grow through concrete

What is a rose? Is it simply a flower as a beautiful thing? Does it have life? Does it have meaning? A flower growing in its natural habitat is easy to overlook as it is doing what nature tells it to do without force. When you see a flower growing in an environment that is neglecting, it makes you stop and ponder and often times value it’s presence and beauty in the midst of chaos. It holds an entire different meaning. As a flower, when a woman can still nurture her children, spouse, friends, and others, still be soft and fragile, through chaos, rejection, let down, and hardships of all kinds, her beauty speaks louder. Her natural abilities to continue to do what nature has created her to do speaks volume without saying a word. Slow down enough to pay attention to this woman. Notice her environment and how she moves behind closed doors as you would a flower underneath its foundation. If you see a flower growing through concrete, you remove the concrete. Not the flower. When you see a woman growing through concrete, you won’t remove the woman, you change the environment she is needed. Not change or remove her. She’s doing what she’s supposed to do.

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