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My HBCU story. My why. My fight.

My HBCU story. My why. My fight.

I attended the University of Mobile immediately after high school. I had been offered a scholarship to Alabama A&M University for the University Choir but like a lot of the young girls, I was so called in love with a guy who was no good for me so I stayed home. While at University of Mobile, I did make some good friends. We tend to flock to each other when we attend a PWI. Simply because we have the most in common. I don’t remember anything from the classroom. I can’t remember not one professors name. Well… Tuition went up at Mobile and my financial aid would no longer cover the cost so I didn’t know what to do. Well, I got a phone call in May from Alabama A&M University telling me they will still honor my scholarship if I showed up! Well I had matured a little bit more and knew how bad I wanted my degree so I said, “ok, I’m coming!” I was scared as hell. My mom loaded me up in August, unpacked and dropped me off in the middle of campus. There I stood on the yard, alone, scared, nervous, etc. Finally someone drove pass me that I knew! I jumped in the car with them and they drove me around campus and I met a few people. I was finally relaxed. My dorm had no air and no elevator (most schools do now so no worries) and I lived on the third floor. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Well, here is what made me fall in love with my HBCU. Everyone knows that I was lusting over this hunk named Arthur Spears III. He was the sexiest and finest man I had ever liked and he liked me too! Well, I met him right before I went off to A&M and cried when I left because I didn’t want to leave him. Well I was home almost every weekend to get his booty so of course I ended up pregnant with Taylor. I was heavily involved on campus in the math department. I have a math degree. I was in all the clubs, etc. well, we had a club meeting one day and I had to tell my favorite professor, Dr. Elike (pronounced eleekee) that I was pregnant. We were in the library and I decided to tell him after the meeting was over. Well as the other students walked out, I told him nonchalantly, not expecting his response. He was drinking a Tropicana orange juice in a plastic bottle. After I told him I was pregnant, he took the empty orange juice bottle and commenced to beating me over my head with it cursing at me and being loud. At this time, other students started coming back in. He jumped up and yelled at the other side and put EVERYONE out of that side of the library. At this point I was snotting I was crying so bad. He asked me if I loved this man and I remember telling him “I don’t know.” He hit me in the head again. He was soo furious with me. I felt as if I had just told my dad I was pregnant. He finally calmed down and reminded me how smart I was and he didn’t want me to become another statistic. I had no idea he cared. In my mind I was just another student. He advised me that I will go have this baby and he will see me afterwards. I was confused but I said ok. He hugged me, apologized for being so upset. I had Taylor in October of 97. In December of 97, my mom received a phone call and gave me the phone. Guess who it was? Yup. Dr. Elike. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: hello

Doc: hello Nicole

Me: hey doc!

Doc: I won’t hold you long but I wanted to tell you that I have registered you for school, you have your scholarship back, and you have me for four classes. I’ll see you in January.

And he hung up the phone. I took my black ass back to Alabama A&M in January 1998.

I ended up completing my last year at USA. The professors were good to me there but NOTHING can compare to the love I have for Alabama A&M University.

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