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My Truth… My God… My strength.

Oppression. What is the definition of oppression? According to Google, it is the prolonged cruel or unjust treatment [and] control.

I’ve been told that we as blacks are still oppressed because we disobeyed God in the Christian bible and we are being punished for it. I was told we are the Isrealites and the punishment only refers to us. I then asked would there ever be a time on Earth where we would be forgiven for disobeying God. I was told no. Death will be our reward. Sigh… This is very troubling to me. So… God gave us life as blacks to torture us til death? Anyways… Here is my belief.

We are oppressed because we don’t use the common sense God gave us to either continue to not believe this is our plight and we are screwed from day one or the ability to believe he or she gave you everything you need. I’ve been told that “Faith without works is dead.” Is that even in the bible? If it is, why don’t we adhere to this quote wholeheartedly. If it’s not, who told us this that it has been passed down from generation to generation?

Here is my logic. We were born to be free animals just as other animals are. Chameleons were given the ability to change colors to protect them from harm as well as to hide from their potential food. God gave giraffes long necks to feast from the trees. God gave lions strength to conquor their prey. God gave most animals claws and teeth to feast. MY God gave me my melanin to protect me from the sun. The darker it is, the richer my melanin is and the more I’m protected from the sun. That was on purpose. MY God gave me kinky, THICK (good) hair to protect my head from the sun. That was on purpose. MY God gave me big lips to keep saliva and food in my mouth. That was on purpose. MY God gave me nails to use them for a purpose other than getting manicured. MY God gave me a brain to make decisions for myself and my family. My point. God gave us everything we need as a race from conception to birth to survive in this world and we allow man to keep us down. Our bodies were built to build, chase, capture, and survive the most havoc situations. When we break down with illnesses, that’s not God, that’s MAN. Most of our foods have plastic in it. God didn’t give us that shit. MAN did. God didn’t give us vaccines. MAN did. And it’s killing us. We are not LEGALLY allowed to use one of the most natural herbs on earth, marijuana. Why? Because MAN said we can’t because it’s a “bad drug” but is pumping us up with bad drugs every single day. God didn’t give us hypertension, the pig your slave master gave you to feast off of did. Our ancestors were wise enough (brain) to use what was given to us to feast from, I.e, pig feet, chitterlings, black eye peas, etc. (slave food) We were genetically built to be eating fruits and berries. Now we consume most foods that have been genetically modified or simply created and our bodies are not built for that. I read a Facebook post yesterday about a brand new church being built two corners down from churches that need to be renovated. Why? Aren’t you all studying the same bible? Why so much divide in one community? I digress.

Anyways… We will NEVER be free as blacks as long as we continue to wait on something or someone to pull us out of bondage when I know for a fact that we were given everything we need to conquer and survive in this world. Every feature we have are on purpose by God. No one will EVER be able to tell me different. Use it.

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