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Hmm… What does that mean? To me, it’s the entrance to my soul. It’s the intellectual breakage of what stimulates me. This blog is to make men think more to their conversation than sending dick pics in a woman’s DM. If you want to penetrate a woman’s vagina, try stimulating and penetrating her mind. A WOMAN can have sex with anyone. She knows this. Who she chooses to engage in that activity with will more than likely have captivated her cerebrum first. A WOMAN’S intellect is connected to what intrigues her. She already knows who she wants to engage sexual activity with within 1o minutes of meeting a man. He can destroy his chances with limited vocabulary in 10 seconds. Notice I never mentioned the acts of THOT, whore, or anyone that fits the category. If you are a grown MAN, approach me with the intention of giving me a great mindfuck and let’s see where that leads. Step your game up. Read a book or two before approaching a WOMAN.

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