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Who’s to blame? What’s the solution?

Our black kids are angry. They are not being loved. They are being talked down and cursed out by the ones who pretend to love them. Yes…. Pretend. The parents. The parents are undereducated due to a failing system of their own generation so they do not bother to help educate their current child. They had a child young so they are now trying to sow their royals oats while abandoning their own child. Little boys are told they are men too early without instructions and little girls share sex secrets with their moms and is looking for “real love” in these diseased streets. The mothers (and I use that word loosely) are catering to the men and not their child because they missed out on love from a missing father or any male figure. So now they are getting what is perceived to be love so they take that and run with it. It’s like a drug of affection. The grown men who they are catering to lack self esteem from their own childhood and are also undereducated. No one will listen to children while they are free. They are itching for nurturing and attention. So they roam the streets with each other looking for love, a family and end up in a place where they do not have to think abt food, clothes, or shelter. The jailhouse. That’s not bad in their minds. That’s a better situation. I know a lot of these children hustle during Mardi Gras because they knew that would be breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a while. Our babies are angry because they were brought here and left to fend for themselves. And there aren’t enough able bodies willing to fix this. If this continues, there will be a missing generation of black children. It’s happening right before our eyes. Our ancestors were slaves and now we are developing savages. Like zombies in a movie. What’s even sadder, we all can generally scroll down our newsfeed and see the uneducated parents with children headed for destruction. What will you do? Or are you willing to do or say anything? We as black parents are leading our children to self destruct and the system gives 0 fucks about those who truly need help.

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