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Why do men have nipples?

Hmm… This will probably be a little controversial but just hear me out… My daughter asked me this question the other night. And being who I am.. Inquisitive… We decided to do some research as to why do men have nipples. My self and my girls came to the conclusion based on research is that all living organisms all started as a female in the beginning and nipples are a gene that is passed on to both male and female. So… Now you are probably wondering… Where am I going with this. Here it is. Could being gay truly be something people are born with? Could the generic gene of nipples contribute to a higher female component during birth? Now I’m no scientist and I will NEVER judge ANYONE. When doing the reading on this topic, that is what boggles my mind. I will never know the answer. And I am ok with that. It’s just something to ponder on.

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