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Womanhood, maturity and what I’ve learned.

Wow… That pretty much sums up my Turks and Caicos weekend. One of the sweetest women I know invited me on this trip and I was honored. I was shocked because I really had no clue what gave me the honor to do so. It’s bad enough that women stereotypically can’t go down the street together without conflict so to be asked to go out the country is another task on another level. Of course most know that is my dream destination so I obliged with no hesitation. After I purchased my plane ticket, I became nervous. Why, you may ask? I had never spent any time with a group of women before of this caliber. Even in college I had my own dorm room. I’ve always been kind of “boyish” growing up due to being around a big brother all of the time. Well, I hoped for the best and gave it a shot. Well, I knew the woman who invited me, Taneshia was a very well rounded and happy about life type of woman so that was pretty easy. One can only assume that her circle consists of the same type of women. I had also known Schermonique and Olleda. They are both easy going beautiful women who I am very comfortable around. Well, upon meeting the first group of women, Johnice, Dayonda, and Tameka, I was not surprised. They turned out to be the most down to earth, HAPPY, UPLIFTING women I have ever been around. The last two ladies, Stacey and Alana, I had never been out with but I was familiar with Stacey and she appeared to have always been a sweet and happy woman as well so that allowed my anxiety to rest. I was still a little nervous and held my guard for a little while because I know we all have different personalities and at the end of the day, I’m still paranoid of women in general because I’ve let my guard down with quite a few women in my life and have truly hurt by those women I began to trust. Call it naivety or stupidity. I’m always reserved to trust a woman again BUT is willing to start somewhere as I get older and wiser. Well, we arrived on Thursday and started celebrating life immediately on the plane before getting here. Everyone was energetic, UPLIFTING, and HAPPY. Once we got settled in our condo, we commenced our day with happiness and UPLIFTING conversations. We ended our day, some in happy tears, much laughter and love. It was a beautiful thing. I laid in bed that night wondering if there would be drama the next day and I almost expected it. I hate that I felt like I had to expect it because it has become the norm. I know for sure it has in the black woman environment, or so I thought at least. I’m sure it happens in all races but I can only speak on who I know. Taneisha, Schermanique, Olleda, and I rose early the next morning and worked out at the beach. We ran and walked fast in the sand and MOTIVATED and UPLIFTED each other every step of the way! We came in and I started breakfast and Olleda jumped right in and HELPED me cook with no hesitation. It was a beautiful thing. Of course after breakfast, some of the other ladies STEPPED UP and cleaned the kitchen. I watched all of this unfold without saying a word. Our conversations continued to be POSITIVE and UPLIFTING. I bonded with all of the ladies and had a “moment” with Johnice. We as women have an intuition when the vibe of another woman is good or not. I felt good about her. I felt great about them all. I had never seen so many women show compassion, love, and concern for one another in my entire life. I truly wondered if it was at all possible. I did meet and bond with Dayonda and Tameka. These women have the best relationship ever! I watched them take care of each other and UPLIFT each other the entire trip. We all danced the weekend in the condo. Even swung out (for those who doesn’t know what that mean, it’s a dance) together, played UNO, played bullshit, shared bathroom time, helped each other with makeup, shared all of each other’s items, LOVED on each other, LAUGHED together, ATE together, HUGGED, and MOTIVATED each other all in a condo alone with no other distractions. Just US. What I’ve learned. (Black) women CAN get together and have a great time with each other and not tear each other down and UPLIFT each other and INSPIRE each other to be the best they can be. There was absolutely NO NEGATIVITY around us. None. I observed each and everyone of these ladies this weekend and what they all had in common is that they LOVE themselves first. They are occupied with trying to fulfill their own lives so they have no time for repugnance or resistance from outside entities. Period. So…. To the beautiful ladies that UPLIFTED me this entire weekend, allow me to publicly return the favor.


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