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Communication is defined as “the imparting or exchanging of information or news.” Without communication, our lives would not be as it is. We would never be able to say “I love you” but we will be able to show it. We wouldn’t be able to say “bye” which is quite often a word so many choose not to utter anyways. But…. we also wouldn’t be able to express our deepest feelings at the time when it is needed most. This is when a lack of communication kills hearts and love. Without communication, how will I know that I’m doing wrong if it’s not expressed to me? How do I know that you love what I do if it’s not expressed to me? Without communication being used in our lives, our spirits die, our minds die, and our hearts die. So make sure you tell your best friend you will be there, make sure you tell your husband you love him and you want to do right by him, make sure you tell your wife when she’s doing wrong to give her the opportunity to correct them, make sure you tell your children you have their backs, and make sure you tell your parents, if they are still here, that you love them. Communication can lift your spirits and give someone life or communication can be the very thing to tear someone down. Choose your words when communicating your thoughts to anyone. But make sure you communicate.

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