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Your student has graduated high school. So what!

Now that I have gotten your attention with the title, it is true, at least in my home, that graduating high school is not reward. I instilled long before elementary school that grade school is a privilege and is only the starting line to accomplishing success. I did not reward my first child for graduating high school nor will I do that to my last child. To me, it’s like giving a good parent a reward for being a good parent. That’s their job. It is a direct reflection of a parent (in most cases) when a child does not graduate high school. While as parents, we make graduating high school a huge ordeal, the scary road starts the day after graduation. Is your child prepared for the real world? Does he or she have a plan? Will they go straight to work? Will they go into the military? Will they go off to college? And if they go off to college, will they graduate? There are a lot of students going to college for their future just to say they attended or graduated from a university not caring or putting much thought into their major. As parents, it is our job to make sure our children have a plan after graduating high school. A lot of parents are only concerned with just that. High school graduation and then the child is left to fend for themselves. They are still children. So now that your child has done something they should do anyways, what’s next? Will you abandon them or will you continue to push them to their success? This is when they need you the most.

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